Get your mind into that creative space by getting creative in your space.

Your brain doesn’t love boring. Or at least, mine doesn’t. It likes colourful, quirky, exciting, interesting things. So I dress my desk in happy stuff. The kind of stuff that make me smile, and that snap me out of the workday argh for a while.

DeskSo much of what I do is routine, and involves sales figures, product pricing, staff reviews,  directoring (fancy made-up word) and on a crazy day, arguments over who stole my green pen. But none of that means I need to have a desk that saps the creative life out of me. Instead I have one that inspires me. One that turns my work place into my play space. Nothing like a gnome holding a glitter pen, to keep my imagination running riot.

But what if you have a very corporate office? Or what if the thought of coloured pens makes you break out in a cold sweat?  Then start small.  Buy a crazy mug, break out some fancy paper clips, add a novelty pen to your drawer, move in some artsy memo paper, or perch a perfectly acceptable stress ball on your desk. I know, I know, it sounds like a slippery slope to iced-rainbow drinks in inflatable pool filled with blue jelly, over lunch. And wouldn’t that be awesome!

Go fun it!