Find your fizzy.

Play with words! Scoot out boring adjectives from their regular places, scoop up fresh ones, and pop them in where you think they don’t belong.

I’ve had a long day. I feel tired. But the word tired is so tired. It’s been one of those days when the problems keep stacking up, and I just don’t have the energy to deal with it anymore. I feel unfizzed. My brain feels like gravel. My nerves are barbed wire. I feel  like I’m dragging the day kicking and screaming behind me.

Unfizzed is better than tired, right? 

If this word-switch doesn’t come naturally to you, try doing it this way:

1 – Pick something you can describe with an adjective. Let’s go with you.

2 – Pick another noun that’s not related. Let’s say “cupboards”.

3 – Now make a list of adjectives and descriptions for “cupboards”, and try to creatively apply one to you. Feel free to use a thesaurus!

4 – So maybe you’re feeling closed. Or shut in. Or like some piece of unnoticed furniture. Or like you can conceal people’s secrets. Or polished. Or roughly hewn. Or like someone’s taken an axe to you.

A confetti of words. 

When you toss out the ordinary and bring in the unexpected, your pebble-path of sentences become a confetti of words. Your language becomes more evocative, and feelings and images explode in bursts of colour.

And if you’re not feeling your fizz, don’t stress. Stress kills creativity. Just keep trying, and the fizz will find you.

Do dragons know they have fire?

Do dragons know they have fire? Maybe not until they breathe flame.

It was like that for me; I didn’t know I had this creative spark, until it erupted in a searing rainbow of words somewhere in my mid-20s.

Rainbow Picture

I was one of those people who “didn’t have a creative bone in my body”.  At school I tried every kind of creative thing, from art to drama to writing to painting rocks to, well, anything I could do with pens, glue or occasionally, a soldering iron. I got good marks for creative writing, but I pretty much sucked at everything else.

At university I did a B.A.Language degree; if I couldn’t be creative, at least I could bask in the glow of people who were, and brag that I’d done it in English, German and Hebrew. Turns out I was quick at learning languages, but slow at learning what I was really capable of. It took an abandoned honours, a post grad in copywriting, and at least 2 years working in advertising to realise the blaze that ignited the world around me, was mine.

It took me 20 more years and a Linguistics Honours, to realise that there’s almost no part of my life that isn’t touched and transformed by my creative fire. As a student, as a mom, as a director running a company and managing staff,  as a writer, as a regular woman just doing what it takes to get through the day, every day is a creative day.

We all have this creative spark inside. Not by virtue of being somehow magically hardwired for it, but by virtue of being human. We can all breathe fire! We’re here to remind you how.